Saturday, September 13, 2008

random thoughts

why am i so self-centered?

people die of starvation everyday and i waste money on food, movies, and tons of other random things.

i talk about saving the world but i never actually stop and try.

i have all these plans to help when i have more time, more money, more resources.

but when am i ever going to stop planning and start doing?? 

i am living life a certain way because thats what i have been taught. now i am starting to think that i am doing all the wrong things.

i love it here at southern but lately i have been feeling so insignificant. 

i want to make a difference in the world.

yet i still keep sitting on my but and doing nothing. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

life here

so i really like it a southern. i am meeting lots of new people and most of them seem really nice.  now i walk around campus and i actually see people i know before it was kind of scary. i have made some friends already and they are really cool. i am almost used to all the rules so they aren't that bad. i just wish i had a little bit more freedom, but o well. most of my days have consisted of going to classes and working on homework. lame i know but i really need to get good grades so i can eventually be accepted in the masters program. one weekend i went cliff jumping that was fun and last weekend i went to a waterfall. today me and some girls went out to indian food for our friend aimee's birthday!! college life has taken some getting used to but it is AMAZING here. although i really miss my family and all my amazing friends. but i printed off a bunch of pictures of friends so now there are pictures of everyone covering my desk!! well i need to go get ready for vespers. i know this isn't very exciting but o well. peace